No 258



!six o'clock! B&W Living Room Set @Cosmopolitan Bi-Weekly Event Includes:
Arm Chair A
Arm Chair B 
Big Sofa 
Coffee Table
End Table
Coffee Tray
Bookcase : THE BOX - the knowledge tree - White washed @Cosmopolitan Bi-Weekly Event 
Rug : +Pepper+ :: Tachre Rug
Curtains : ::WetCat:: "Velvet" Curtain Prop 
Lilies : AF Calla Lilies
Christmas Tree : Cozy Christmas Tree w Songs CHEZ MOI
Black Table : Italiano Furniture Little Drawer 01 Black Wood @Cosmopolitan Bi-Weekly Event 
Phone : !six o'clock! vintage phone
Magazines : Fancy Decor: Magazine Stack 1
Candles : [ zerkalo ] Single Candle - GIFT
Dog : {anc} flottante puppy. milk . 
House : Mistik Loft by Spargel & Shine Homes


Hair : ::Exile:: In The Shade
Top : ISON - oversized top
Pants : UC_Buttoned_tights_Beige @Cosmopolitan Bi-Weekly Event 
Heels : R.icielli - MORGAN Mesh Boots @Cosmopolitan Bi-Weekly Event 


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