No 268


Frame : {CE} Love is all you need @Tres Chic
Frame 2 : {CE} Be who you are ... @Tres Chic
Side Table : {CE} Starry Night Table Light  @Tres Chic
Clock : {CE} Gear Clock  ~ TC @Tres Chic
Stool : {CE} Antique Stool ~ TC @Tres Chic
Crate : Glamrus . Rustic Crate FM @Tres Chic
Ladder & decor : {CE} Ladder Shelf ~White @Tres Chic
Armchair : ::KKs: Alice - sofa 1 @Tres Chic
Coffee table : !six o'clock! double deck table 
Books : ::KKs: Alice - les bouquins @Tres Chic
Vase : Apple Fall Roses Jug
Puppy : {anc} flottante puppy. milk 
Rug : {CE} Black & White Rug @Tres Chic
Chandelier : {CE} Katrina Candle Chandlier @Tres Chic
Plant : {CE} Leafy Plant @Tres Chic
Box with items : ::KKs: Alice - le tiroir @Tres Chic
House : Spargel & Shine Homes  - Allison Antique Shoppe @Cosmopolitan Bi-Weekly Event 

Hair : ~*Damselfly*~ Whitley @Tres Chic
Outfit : .::Dead Dollz::. Violet - Dark Jeans Outfit @Tres Chic
Heels : Phedora. Aneta Boots @Tres Chic


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