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*All items from THOR are part of gatcha @The Guardians Event! Make sure not to miss it!*
*Also the brand new round of Tres Chic is on!Don't forget to pay a visit!*

Greenhouse : ..::THOR::.. Greenhouse RARE 
Grass Pot : ..::THOR::.. Pot of Grass
Large Pot : ..::THOR::.. Pot of Wild Spike [GOG]
Floor Pot : ..::THOR::.. Big Potted Plant
Table1 : ..::THOR::.. Old Gardener Table
Table2 : ..::THOR::.. Old Shabby Table
Rake : ..::THOR::.. Rake
Shovel : ..::THOR::.. Shovel
Soil Sacks : ..::THOR::.. Soil Burlap Sacks
Stack of pots : ..::THOR::.. Stack of Pots
Pot Rack : ..::THOR::.. Pot Rack
Seed packs : ..::THOR::.. Seed Bags
Shear : ..::THOR::.. Gardener Shear
Pot with flower : ..::THOR::.. clay bottle with flower [GOG]
Watering Can : ..::THOR::.. watering can
Stool : Fashiowl - Waiting For You - Pose (rez) - Blue @Tres Chic

Hair : Sintiklia - Hair Zoella @Tres Chic
Dress : {les baies} Dress *spring* white  @Tres Chic
Heels : Salvadori - 'Gardenia' T-Strap Sandals white @Tres Chic

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