No 355

This amazing Vintage School Set by THOR can be found @Chapter Four! Don't miss it! 

Map : ..::THOR::.. Vintage Worldmap
Blackboard : ..::THOR::.. Vintage Big Blackboard
Teacher's Chair : ..::THOR::.. Teacher ArmChair
Teacher's Desk : ..::THOR::.. Teacher Desk
Bell : ..::THOR::.. School Bell
Apple : ..::THOR::.. Red Yellow Apple
Wrapped Book : ..::THOR::.. School Gradebook
Pen : ..::THOR::.. Inkwell and Talc Powder
Animal Poster : ..::THOR::.. Vintage Animal poster
Alphabet Poster : ..::THOR::.. Vintage Alphabet poster
Ocean Poster : ..::THOR::.. Vintage Ocean Poster
Locker : ..::THOR::.. Vintage Wood School Locker
Paperplane : ..::THOR::.. Paperplane
Cart : ..::THOR::.. Vintage Handcart
Toy : ..::THOR::.. Vintage Spinning Top
Pack of Crayons : ..::THOR::.. Vintage Crayons Box
School Bags : ..::THOR::.. Vintage Schoolbag 
Student Desks : ..::THOR::.. Vintage School Bench (s)
Lunch Box : ..::THOR::.. Tartan Lunch Boxes
Paperboat : ..::THOR::.. Paperboat
Stove : ..::THOR::.. Vintage Little Wood Stove (short pipe)

Hair : enVOGUE - HAIR Giovanna 
Coat : [Hilly Haalan] Jenna Trenchcoat @Tres Chic
Heels : MURRAY- Madison Feather Stiletto @Tres Chic
Book : ..::THOR::.. Little Woman Book @Chapter Four

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